Ritsumeikan University Human Robotics Lab.

This laboratory conducts research studies on understanding of human characteristics, machine intelligence and human robotics as their integration toward comfortable human support systems.

[Call for funded PhD students] (updated, Sept., 8, 2017)
Call for Funded PhD students in Human Machine Systems and Human Robotics


Sept., 24, 2017 Takahiro Wada gave a keynote lecture “Shared Authority Mode to Connect Automated and Manual Driving for Smooth Authority Trading” at Control Transition Workshop: Handover and Takeover Procedures in Highly Automated Driving, The 9th International ACM Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications 2017 (AutoUI2017).
Sept., 29, 2017 Invited talk at Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics on
Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics“Mathematical Modeling of Motion Sickness based on Cybernetic Model of Vestibular Systems and its Application to Vehicle Passengers”
Nov. 2016 Lecturer:

Prof. Wada will present on “Modeling Drivers’ Perceptual Risk for Proximity of A Lead Vehicle and Its Application to Deceleration Assist Control”, Modeling and Control of Automotive 2016 – Knowing Human and Vehicles. Development of Comfort Vehicle Motion, Sponsored by Society for Mechanical Engineers

Sept. , 2016 Invited talk:

Prof. Wada presented “Driver Assistance Method by Shared Control that Shares and/or Transfers Control Authority” at Technical Committee on Active Safety, Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan.

Aug, 23, 2016 Lecturer:

Prof. Wada presented on “Utilization of Driving Simulators in Driving Behavior Research” at Workshop on Theory and Practice of Ergonomics in Development of Automobiles, sponsored by Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan

Aug, 2016 Invited talk:

Prof. Wada presented on “Mathematical Modeling of Motion Sickness and Its Application to Vehicle Passengers” at Technical Committee on Human Factors, Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan.

Jun. 21, 2016 Invited talk:

Prof. Wada presented “Simultaneous Achievement of Driver Assistance and Skill Improvement in Shared/Cooperative Control” in Research Committee on Safety, The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE)

Dec. 8, 2015 Exhibition:

Prof. Wada presents “Technology to Increase Vehicle Comfort” at Ritsumeikan Robotics Technology Exhibition at Grand Front Osaka

2015.10.1 Dr. Kohei Sonoda joined our lab as a Post Doctoral Fellow. Welcome!
2015.9.1 Prof. Hyon Young Han joined our lab as a visiting professor. Welcome!
2015.5.14 We have organized Special Issue “Human Performance Modeling” in International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics (Submission deadline: July 15, 2015)
2015.11.09-12 Special Session “Vehicle Intelligence for Proactive Assist” has been organized in IEEE IECON2015
2014.10.21 Invited talk:
Prof. Wada have presented on

“Trials of mathematical modeling of comfort in human locomotion”

at Consortium for Human Locomotion Assessment Technology, Digital Human Research Center, AIST

2014.10.1-10.3 Exhibition:
Our developed “Knee joint of transfemoral prosthesis for stair ascending” was exhibited at 42nd International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (HCR2014)
2015.5.8 Mr. Guillermo Rodriguez Cabo joined our lab as a Jica Trainee from Mexico. Welcome!
2013.8.27 Invited talk:

Prof. Wada presented “A viewpoint of assist for skill increase in driver assistance system of automobile”, in 12nd Symposium of next generation of automobile”Sponsored by Green Mobility Collaborative Research Center, Nagoya University

2013.11.18 – 20 Conference:

Prof. Wada organized Annual Conference of System and Information Division, SICE (SSI2013) @ Piazza Ohmi, Otsu, Shiga, Japan

as a local arrangement chair

April, 17, 2013 English page launched (but tentatively)
April, 4, 2013 Project “Investigation of Stair Ambulation Skill based on Inertial Matching and Its Application to Transfemoral rosthesis Control has been accepted by MEXT Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) (leader: Prof. Wada, 2013-2015)
Aug., 20, 2012 Invited Talk:

Prof. Wada presented in Tutorial: CarRobotics -Self-Driving Cars and Human Factor- at SICE Annual Conference 2012

Book Publication
M. Itoh, Y.Marumo (Eds.), T.Hiraoka, T.Wada, G.Abe, S.Kitajima,
Technology to Prevent Rear-End Collisions: For Reduction of Road Traffic Crashes,Corona-sha

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