Call for a Funded PhD Students in Human Machine Systems

We search for highly motivated Ph.D. students (research assistants) to join one of our research projects.
Admission information about the Graduate school of information science and engineering

Call for Research Assistants (Ph.D. students)
[Number of positions]
Research Assistant:
Grade (S): 1 position (aprox. 2.5 million JPY/year)
Grade (A): 2 positions (aprox. 1.4 million JPY/year)

[Address of work location and other information]
Human Robotics Lab. College of Information Science and Engineering
Ritsumeikan University, Biwako Kusatsu Campus(BKC)
1-1-1 Noji-higashi, Kusatsu, Shiga, 525-8577, Japan

[Research Fields]
Human machine systems, robotics, system control theory, Bio-cybnernetics, Human modeling, Human machine systems

[Research topics]
1) Human machine systems research to achieve highly automated vehicles that can be easily used by humans through mutual communication between the humans and the automation
a. Shared control for smooth transfer of control authority from automated system to human driver
b. Human machine interface to share situation awareness of automated system with human driver
c. Other human factors research in highly automated driving context.

2) Cybernetic modeling of comfort of human operator in human machine systems
Building human operator model

Building human operator model considering human sensory dynamics when he/she operates machines such as construction machinery automobile, tele-operated robots toward comfort human-machine systems
・Comfortable motion control of human operated machinery considering human sensory dynamics
・Analysis of neuromuscular system in cooperative/shared control toward evaluation and design of human-machine matching

Human Robotics Laboratory

[Expected candidate skills, interests, and backgrounds]
– Good mathematical background.
– English communication skill for daily discussion and writing papers.
– Programming skills in C, C++, Python, Matlab for numerical analysis, simulation and/or hardware control.
– Applicants are expected to be interested in human machine systems, human modeling from broad viewpoints such as system control theory, cybernetics, neuroscience. Having related academic backgrounds is preferable.

Applicants must be interested in the research topic and have a strong will to conduct their research positively and actively.
Applicants must have a master degree in a related field before they start working as research assistants.
Applicants must study in the doctoral course of Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University while they are hired as research assistants.
[Starting date]
September 2017 or April 2018 (After the admission to the doctor course)

[Employment status]
One year contract.
It can be extended up to 3 years based on the evaluation by the supervisers.
Grade (S): (aprox. 2.5 million JPY/year) requires IELTS 6 (TOEIC 740) or higher.
Grade (A): (aprox. 1.4 million JPY/year) ruquires IELTS 5.5 (TOEIC 650) or higher.
(The salary is calculated based on hourly wages. The exact salary depends on the working hours. )
* Note that this contract is not a scholarship, but a labor contract.
* You need tuition for the doctor course. The tuition is about 0.5 million JPY/year.
Please show that whether you are applying only (S), both (S) and (A), or only (S) in your application form.

[Selection process (selection method and hiring decision), notification of result]
Preliminary screening by reviewing documents, and secondary screening by presentation and interview

We conduct the selection and provide a tentative decision before you apply for the doctor course.
(If you could not enter the doctor course, your qualification of the research assistant would automatically lose. )

[Application method (including where to send documents)]
1. Curriculum vitae including e-mail address, academic experience, and work experience, etc..
2. List of publications [peer-reviewed original papers, proceedings papers, review articles, books, patents, and others].
3. Copies of major publications (within three articles).
4. Outline of past research (Free format).
5. Motivation letter (Free format).
6. Outline of prospective research (Free format).
7. Reference letters or a list of researchers whom we can the applicant’s background (within two letters).

The doctor course requires Admission Fee & Tuition.
Information about admission to our graduate school.

15 May 2017
We recommend that the candidate places a contact ASAP if he/she has a possibility to apply for this position.
If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Takahiro Wada, Professor
Contact Email: adm (at)
(Please use “@” instead of “( at )”.)

[Resource of funds]
1) R-GIRO (Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization) : five years project from April 2017 to March 2012.
2) KAKENHI, Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research, project until March 2020
3) Collaborative research with private companies such as automotive company and construction machinery for multiple years.

[Contact details]
1-1-1 Noji-higashi, Kusatsu, Shiga
Takahiro Wada, Professor
Email: adm”(at)”
(Please use “@” instead of “( at )”.)
TEL: 077-561-2798